Gain control, deliver results. Automate your Performance Max campaigns

Regain control of your revenue growth with our advanced automation solution. Create campaigns that align perfectly with your business goals, driving results and maximizing efficiency. Let our technology handle the heavy lifting, so you can focus on strategic growth and delivering exceptional outcomes.

Take the easy route to success with Dotidot's Performance Max

1. Import your existing campaign or create a new one
Your imported campaign remains intact in Ad system. This means it can still run as before and can learn new tricks from Dotidot.
2. Automate and optimize your structure
Rebuild not only your own Performance Max structure, but also the whole Google Ads structure. Automation makes everyhing possible.
3. Join CSS program and save 20% (optional)
Are you still running your shopping without external CSS program? Switch to Dotidot. It's FREE and you will save up to 20 % on each click.
4. Enjoy your PMAX
on steroids
Get detailed insights and optimize your campaigns on product level to get the best possible results.

Re-build your PPC campaign structure for maximum effectiveness

The better your Google Ads structure, the better your results from each campaign. Create a winning combination of Search, Shopping, and Performance Max campaigns to dominate search results and drive conversions. With a well-organized PPC strategy, you can target the right audience, optimize your ad spend, and achieve higher ROI. Use Dotidot to streamline your campaign management, enhance your ad visibility, and ensure every product gets the attention it deserves.
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Maximize the potential of every product

Never leave a product behind again. With Dotidot, make sure every item gets the attention it deserves, even those with low or zero impressions. Create advanced product sets based on your chosen conditions. Divide your products by their current and past performance, margin groups, or use our predefined rules to highlight the top 100 or top 10% of products by revenue or ROAS.

Easily import your active campaigns without loosing your data

Launching Performance Max with Dotidot is a simple task to make. You can easily import all your ongoing campaigns without risking any data loss or disrupting the algorithm’s learned patterns. Dotidot ensures a smooth import process, keeping your historical data intact and enhancing your campaigns for peak performance.
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The most popular scripts and data enrichment unlocking the black box

Dotidot features the most popular third-party scripts, completely revealing the black box and giving control back to you. Analyze the performance of placements, assets, and asset groups. Discover the effectiveness of brand and non-brand search terms, and identify keyword overlaps.

And that’s not all. Connect data sources like Google Sheets or Google Analytics to gain even more insights into each product’s performance.

Global reach, local savings. Enjoy up to 20% off on every click with our CSS program

Thanks to our Comparison Shopping Service (CSS) program, you can advertise worldwide while still cutting costs. Enjoy up to a 20% saving on every click, boosting your global reach without stretching your budget.
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