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Leadership Team

These are the strategic minds behind our success.

Petra Pacáková
Chief Executive Officer
Petra is the North Star of our company, a marketing maestro, and the visionary that keeps us on the path to success.
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Šimon Jůn
Chief Product Officer
Simon transforms ideas into must-have features, prioritizing user needs and ensuring that Dotidot is as exceptional as the coffee he brews.
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Petre Usurelu
Chief Sales Officer
Petre is our formidable CSO, he is the visionary architect of our sales success, fearlessly leading his team, driving revenue growth, and shaping the future of our sales endeavors.
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Michaela Schärerová
Chief Financial Officer
Michaela, whose superpower lies in her mastery of numbers and spreadsheets. With strategic finesse, she manages our finances, ensuring transparency and accountability every step of the way.
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Business Team

The driving force behind our and clients’ growth.

Ondřej Lebl
Customer Success Manager
Ondra is in charge of the satisfaction and well-being of our users. Would you like to know everything about our features, news, but also about the general operation of Dotidot? Talk to him.
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Daniel Červinka
Customer Success Manager
Daniel is committed to ensuring the satisfaction and welfare of our users. If you want to explore everything about our features and stay updated on the latest news, he is your guy!
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Michal Richter
Business Development Manager
Michal is changing the world of marketing by searching for new clients of our automation solution. His daily bread is the presentation of everything Dotidot can do.
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Roman Karabelly
Sales Manager
Roman is a deal-closing dynamo, delivering compelling demos, guiding clients through seamless onboarding and driving success at every step.
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Tomáš Kraus
Automation Strategist
Tomas devises automation strategies for our clients and works magic with our own advertising.
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Martin Šopf
Automation Strategist
As an automation strategist, Martin helps our clients create new automation strategies to achieve their goals on a daily basis.
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Lukáš Havel
Customer Experience Manager
Lukas is the ultimate troubleshooter. He solves any issue with a smile and improves app features through research and client interviews.
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Development Team

The tech wizards powering our company.

Kristýna Hýžová
Project Manager
Kristyna pampers all of our projects, not just pending but also future ones. From dawn till dusk she helps to secure a smooth and relaxed team workflow.
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Ondřej Balcárek
Ruby Developer
Ondra helps us implement not only new features, but also cloud technologies, for example. He programs mainly in the Ruby language.
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Ján Mošať
Ruby Developer
As our Ruby developer Ján develops new functionalities in Dotidot. He helps with the development of both complete foundations and advanced functions.
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Petr Majer
Front-end Developer
Pete works his CSS magic to ensure Dotidot looks as beautiful as it was designed.
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Jana Kantorová
QA Engineer
Jana regularly tests our app, looking for any weak spots to correct and making sure Dotidot is the best it can possibly be.
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Dominik Vaňkát
QA Engineer
Tester Dominik plays a crucial role in ensuring the quality of our app. With his eagle-eyed attention to detail, he catches bugs before they even have a chance to annoy our users.
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Product Team

The tech wizards powering our company.

Martin Laudát
Senior Product Designer
Martin oversees the Product team to ensure that all new features and enhancements reflect users' needs, address their problems and concerns, and help them with their daily work.
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Pavel Musinszkij
UX/UI Designer
Pavel is our UX/UI extraordinaire! With a passion for design and a focus on user needs, he seamlessly blends aesthetics with functionality, resulting in engaging digital experiences for our users.
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Can Sagiroglu
Data Analyst
Can is our data detective, effortlessly delving into complex datasets to uncover valuable insights and seamlessly transforming raw data into actionable information.
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Marketing Team

When creativity meets analytics. Meet the experts in telling our story to the whole world.

Martina Přibylová
Head of Digital Marketing
Martina leads our digital marketing efforts, ensuring that Dotidot shines bright in the online world, reaching audiences far and wide.
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Marek Turnhöfer
Content Creator
Marek writes and creates content for our website and communications. And also for his own profile here :)
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Laura Probstnerová
Social Media Manager
Laura, the mastermind behind our social media realm, spins enchanting tales that bring our story to life with unrivaled creativity.
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Jiří Bittner
Graphic / UI Designer
Jirka plays around with colors as our graphic designer to create amazing banners for our communications.
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Operations Team

People who are determined to build solid foundations for the future of our company.

Martina VA Leová
HR Manager
Martina is always on the hunt for new reinforcements to our party! If you want to join us, now you know who to call!
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Founders and investors

There would be no Dotidot without them. They gave us their time, energy, and money so we could grow.

Pavel Vachek
Pavel is the company's heartbeat, shaping our vision, predicting marketing automation's future, and connecting with Dotidot's investors.
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Ondřej Bartas
The first line of code of Dotidot was written by Ondra. He's our tech guru who is always on the frontline of developing a new feature.
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Martina VA Leova
HR Specialist

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