Unlock the full performance potential of PPC campaigns with automation

Dotidot is the solution you need for your PPC campaigns. Cover your whole product portfolio, categories, and landing pages with the most personalized ads your audience has ever seen. Boost the conversion rate with less work.
163% increase in conversion rate
-36% cost per conversion
57% increase of ROAS
90 % less errors in Ads
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Dotidot is the only PPC automation solution you need

Complex enough for customization yet simple enough to launch entire performance marketing within just a few hours. Scale results, not time spent.
Search Ads
Performance Max
Shopping Ads
Dynamic Search Ads (DSA)

Run effective campaigns for every single page of your site

Leave no page behind and automate the entire structure of your site.
Cover your categories, products or any landing pages automatically by targeted ads.
Build your campaign structure based on margin groups, brands, categories, subcategories and mix them up in any way you want.
Be on the top of all search results and show your customers the most finely tailored ads they've seen.
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Options far beyond what Google and Microsoft can do

There are a lot of features you havent seen yet.
Define powerfull rules to keep your automated PPC structure fresh and relevant.
Generate relevant keywords for broad, exact and phrase match using variables.
Improve your product images or generate Display Ad banners using Image Editor.
Set a duplicate keywords strategy, remove short or lengthy words and diacritics.
Fine-tune your data with advanced Feed management.

Fresh, relevant, and up-to-date ads are the key to winning clicks and conversions

Just as swiftly as your products, their prices, and availability change, so do your ads. Choose any product or category to customize the variables, eliminate duplicate words, stop words, punctuation, and more. Regular expressions empower you to manipulate your data in any desired way.

The best part? You can personalize all your assets too!
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One automated campaign launched across many popular search engines

Dotidot now supports three popular PPC channels: Google Ads, Microsoft Ads, and Sklik. Launch automated DSA, Display, Search, or Shopping campaigns on all platforms from one place, saving you valuable time and significantly simplifying your management.
The B2B course provider top vision had trouble maintaining profitable marketing campaigns. With steadily climbing CPC and large costs for managing campaigns, top vision hired Marketing Makers to find ways to make their advertising more cost-effective and reach ambitious KPIs. Several months into the endeavor, the results were clear. By using Dotidot, Marketing Makers brought down costs considerably, both in terms of ad prices as well as maintenance costs.
Michal Blazek
Performance Advertising Specialist
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