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100 - 140 thousand CZK/month (3950 - 5550 EUR/month)
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Hello there! 👋

Do you believe that automation has a bright future in the world of e-commerce and that Ruby and Rails can be powerful tools for developing and prototyping applications with global reach? Then you're in the right place!

We are dotidot, an online solution that can automate internet advertising. We are number one for clients such as Groupon, Alza, Mall Group, Notino, Heureka or Dr. Max, as well as top Czech and Slovak performance agencies. Our mission is to become a global leader in the field of online advertising automation. We're not satisfied with being the best in the Czech and Slovak markets; we want more, and you can help us achieve that! 🚀

Let's learn something about our solution:

The core of our platform is a Ruby on Rails application that utilizes Sidekiq for background data processing. On the frontend, we have a mix of Rails-generated pages and React components that provide dynamism and speed to the application. React components communicate with our backend through GraphQL. To handle more than 5 billion records in the database, we use a combination of ElasticSearch and Postgres. Our application is fully high availability.

And what we'll need from you?

  • At least 3 years of experience in Ruby programming.
  • You've been involved in the development of at least 2 Ruby on Rails applications.
  • You are proficient in using Git from the command line.
  • You understand why and how to test, at the very least with RSpec and Cypress.
  • The drive and enthusiasm for your further development because our BE Developers will pass on everything they know and can do. And that's a lot!
  • Your experience with databases like Postgres, Redis, and Elasticsearch will be appreciated.
  • You'll have an advantage if you're familiar with GraphQL.
  • You also have experience with agile work, as Jira is our daily bread.
  • It would be great if you're familiar with Docker and have a basic Linux administration knowledge

🔥What in exchange?  

  • Opportunity to work for a company with global ambition
  • Money of course - 100 - 140 thousand CZK/month (3950 - 5550 EUR/month)
  • Unlimited days off - we really want you to be relaxed for your job
  • Support in Learning & Development up to 100 thousand CZK (4 000 EUR) per year
  • Hybrid model - 60% in the office and 40% remote if you are based in Prague

What you should know is that we are not a normal company:

  • We like to have fun. (Evidence below)
  • Nerd alert! (Not all of us 🙃)  
  • For 6 months, the company's official soundtrack was medieval rap. 🙉
  • In our dog-friendly office, our dogs are not always friendly to each other.
  • We joke a lot. Like, really a lot. In the office, on Slack, and especially during team events.
  • You can openly chat and have a drink with your team leader and c-management while feeling like you're among friends.
  • Once you leave your computer unlocked, expect a prank to come your way. 😈

And here is the evidence ⤵

If you've read this far, please let us know which costume is your favorite and why you'd like to be a part of Dotidot. We can't wait to hear your answers. 🙋🏻‍♀️

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Benefits that matter

We are committed to creating a positive work environment that attracts and retains the best talents in our industry.
Competitive compensation package
Your compensation should always match your skills. This is to ensure continued success and satisfaction of our team.
Unlimited vacation
We believe in healthy work-life balance. That’s why you can take as many days off as you need. We need you rested and full of strenght.
Learning & Development
We’ve dedicated a significant budget just for our learning and development activities. Feel free to use it to become better at what you do.
Self training time
The better you the better is the company. Use up to 10 % of your work time for self-training activities.
Pet-friendly office
Everyday there is tail-wagging colleague who has a pawsitive impact on our spirit.
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amazing benefits

What’s the recruiting process like at Dotidot?

We’re on your side. This is why our recruiting process is designed to be open and clear. Want to know what happens on the other side during the application process? Here is what you can expect from the beginning to the very end.
Submit your application
You can apply via website, Startupjobs, LinkedIn or by email.
Application review
We will review you application and let you know as fast as possible whether or not we will be moving to the next step.
It’s time to meet
We want to meet you in person and make some coffee for you. If that’s not possible, we can arrange an online meeting instead. But you gotta do your own coffee.
We will contact you in a few days with next steps
We'll see how awesome your skills are with a quick task. It's like a skills compatibility check for both of us!
Meet our team
You will meet your team, CEO Petra and her dog Fido.
We sign the papers
This is the last step. We will agree on cooperation terms, sign contract and other papers. You will also get your own Macbook.
Welcome aboard!
We are very proud of our onboarding process. You are going to experience it yourself.

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