Master Facebook Dynamic Ads

Stand out of competition. Make your Facebook Performance channel deliver great results again. Thanks to automation you can score both with your potential and current customers.
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What can you learn from the e-book?

Serve the right data
How to properly create a data feed for Facebook Business Manager and how Dotidot's Feed management platform will make your job easier.
Campaign structure setup
How to work with automatic and manual campaign structure and how to automate the creation of ad texts for Dynamic Product Ads.
Enhance your catalog
Maximize your Facebook catalog's potential by combining data from Google Analytics or custom Google Sheets data.
Increasing your CTR
Learn to use the Image editor to increase the CTR and conversions rate of your dynamic ads.

Table of Contents

Facebook as a part of your marketing
Why using Facebook for your marketing activities is pretty much a must for every e-commerce.
Everything begins with well structured data
Every successful campaign starts with perfect shape data. Here is what to do.
Earn more with Facebook dynamic ads
Use automation strategies for both remarketing and prospecting campaigns.
Google Analytics data in feeds
Don’t believe Facebook insight data for optimization? Use data from Google Analytics instead.
Set your Facebook ads apart with Image Editor
Thanks Dotidot’s Image Editor you are able to turn generic ads into unique product presentations that skyrocket your CTR.

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