Measure, evaluate and take action from Dotidot's Actionable Analytics

No more jumping into several analytics of various platforms. With Dotidot you have metrics and results of all your Ad systems and Analytics combined. Within few seconds you'll see what's doing great and what underperforming. And the best part? You optimize it straight from the report.
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Combine various channels and metrics in one easy-to-use report

All data in one place. Easily import your Google Ads, Analytics or Facebook metrics and combine them in the pre-build report templates that suits your needs the most. Or build your own report from scratch. Facebook and Google metrics can be neighbors. No matter if you're running an agency and need a performance overview of your clients, or if you are an ecommerce shop that needs to review your campaign's performance. We've got you covered.
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Hasta la vista, red numbers! Take action and fix campaign's performance in two clicks

Take advantage of the connection between your reports and Dotidot's campaigns. Wanna change some campaign's setting based on what you see in report? There is nothing more simple. Straight from the report you are able to change main settings such targeting strategies, budget or Max CPCs. Actionable Analytics in the world of reporting is like Tom Cruise among other celebrities.

Keep on track of your goals with Dotidot. Say goodbye to sheets or Data studio

You no longer need spreadsheets for that. Set your KPIs in Actionable Analytics and track your goals in real-time to see whether your campaigns are performing well or are behind your plan. Thanks to this you are able to change the tides of your performance even before period ends.
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Automate your reporting. Choose who, when and how he gets it

We know that you need to share proofs that performance marketing works or you want to show the great results you've achieved thanks to automation. That's why Dotidot features several options how to share your reports. Choose frequency, recipients and format of your reports. And that's it. You've automated your reporting as well.

There is much more to utilize

Synchronization up to 24 times per day

Serve your ads as fresh as possible. Higher-tier plans include more synchronizations per day.

Filter products using your custom rules

Ad systems have limited options of filtering products for campaigns. With Dotidot, you can do anything.

Unlimited users with any plan

There are no restrictions to how many users you can have in your Dotidot's organization.

One campaign for multiple channels

Create just a single campaign and then run it across Microsoft Ads and Google Ads effectively.

Multiple organizations, one invoice

Move all your organizations under one main organization with our consolidated billing. Oh and you save money too.

Pricing plans for companies of any size

Scale your campaign automation to match your business growth with Dotidot's pricing plans.

Real-time support

Automation impacts your business. We are aware of that. That's why we are able to provide quick support if needed.

Enrich your feeds with few clicks

Scrape data directly from your site. No need for a programmer, just click three times and you're done.

Work with Google Analytics data

Import valuable GA data into your feeds and create automation rules based on product sales or revenue.

What we know, we share

Blog posts, webinars, live sessions etc. We share our knowledge of performance marketing anywhere we can.

Live webinars for free

Lots of knowledge shared for free. If you wanna know more about performance marketing and automation, sign up now.

Use weather data to your advantage

Sounds weird? It is not. Studies suggest that people shop more during bad weather. And you can benefit from that.

Product images that sell

Using Image Editor you can improve your product images at scale. No one will ever miss your campaigns.

Automatic transformation of any feed row

Transform and optimize any data you have to match your needs. Shorter title? Want to include brand? No problem.

Combine multiple data sources

It all starts with data. Thanks to Dotidot you can use every data you have to improve your campaign's performance.

Focus on strategy, not clicks

Dotidot does the labor. You can instead focus on creating automation strategies to beat your competitors.

Feed for any channel you want

Dotidot now support 50+ feed templates of popular channels. But you hold the power to create your custom feed.

Manage thousands of ads with ease

Having thousands of ads could be hard to manage and optimize. Luckily, this is where Dotidot shines the best.

Quick onboarding with our package

Beginnings are usually the hardest part. However, with our onboarding package, it's a piece of cake.
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