Alza now covers 100% of its product portfolio, boosting ad volume by 46% while improving ROAS

May 14, 2024



increase in PPC ad volume


increase in CPC

up to 40%

return on marketing investment

Who is Alza?

Since its establishment in 1994, Alza has become a major player in several European markets including the Czech Republic, Hungary, Slovakia, and Austria. Its range is dominated mainly by consumer electronics, but today you can buy almost anything there. Alza works not only as an e-shop but also as a Marketplace, where many partner stores advertise.
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Using Dotidot since 2018


  • Thanks to covering the entire product portfolio, all categories, and other URLs, there was a 46% increase in PPC ad volume with a 20% increase in CPC. Through ad automation, we discovered new search terms, which effectively increased the overall volume.
  • More efficient ROAS due to the breakdown of search network campaigns into individual segments and categories.
  • For campaigns in selected categories, there was an improvement in the return on marketing investment (up to 40%).
  • Since automation handles most of the heavy lifting, Alza's PPC team focuses much more on optimizations, analyses, and innovative strategies.

Who is Alza

In many countries of the European Union, nearly every resident is familiar with the name “Alza”. Since its establishment in 1994 in the Czech Republic, Alza has become a significant e-commerce player in Central Europe. By the end of 2021, in addition to its e-shop, it also operated 53 stores and nearly 1,800 pickup boxes (so-called AlzaBoxes) in the Czech Republic, Slovakia, Hungary, and Austria. Alza is one of the largest advertisers and enjoys great popularity among its customers for its quality customer service and services. Alza works not only as an e-shop but also offers the possibility for partner stores to advertise their products. As a result, you can literally buy anything at Alza.


Efficient automation of the entire product and category portfolio in PPC campaigns

What happens in Google and Microsoft advertising accounts when you have a huge number of products, categories, and countries to advertise in? You need an even larger volume of campaigns and ads to cover it all. Just launching the ads without an automation tool is nearly impossible. And try to avoid different errors or respond promptly to changes in availability or price. Moreover, all campaigns need to be optimized, their efficiency monitored, and generally provided with the same care that much smaller accounts receive.

Impossible, you say? Not at all!

Alza decided to automate its performance marketing with Dotidot

The experienced PPC team, led by Dominik Stambera, ultimately opted for the Dotidot platform. It combines a powerful marketing automation platform, Feed Export to various platforms, data enrichment using Scraper, and many other smart tools. Put a powerful platform in the hands of experienced marketers, and things start happening.

1. Covering the entire portfolio resulted in a 46% increase in ad volume

Manufacturers, brands, products, categories, articles, combinations of category and manufacturer... The portfolio is not just about the products themselves. The solution? Automation! Alza can cover all its URLs with campaigns in Google, Bing, and Seznam search networks. And that's not all. Specialists also use data from SEO analysis, allowing them to launch campaigns based on not just category names but also on a wide range of synonyms.

The performance team at Alza is often short on time but overflowing with ideas and opportunities. We're uncovering hidden treasures in our performance and corporate data, which we're increasingly utilizing. However, as we discover new insights, the complexity becomes overwhelming. Dotidot is the solution that helps us manage this complexity and implement efficient solutions. This frees up specialists to connect performance marketing with other business departments, opening up new opportunities for us.

Dominik Stambera, Head of Performance

2. More efficient search campaigns by up to 40%

Breaking down campaigns according to segments and categories also made it possible to target audiences much more efficiently. Different people search for different things, like razors or LEGO. Delivering the right ad to the right audience resulted in an efficiency increase of up to 40%. The volume of PPC advertising before and after implementation grew YoY by 70%, while CPC in the same period only increased by 5%. As a result, Alza gained a much higher share of all clicks. To sum it up, Alza is sending out far more ads with much higher efficiency through automation.

3. Alza is no longer clicking. It focuses on analysis and strategy.

The job of Dominik's team is not about manually creating various ads, updating them for availability or price. Instead, Dotidot does that; they only advise the platform on what and how. They spend their time developing further automation and performance strategies, analyzing, and testing. Give smart people time to think, and the results will surely follow!

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