Alza increased clicks by 25% on comparison sites, while still achieving 20% ROI growth

April 10, 2024



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Who is Alza?

Since its establishment in 1994, Alza has become a major player in several European markets including the Czech Republic, Hungary, Slovakia, and Austria. Its product offer is dominated mainly by consumer electronics, but today you can buy almost anything there. Alza works not only as an e-shop but also as a Marketplace, where many partner stores advertise.
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Using Dotidot since 2018


  • Thanks to easier modifications in product data, the matching of products on comparison sites has gone up. 
  • Along with removing unprofitable products regularly, there was a 25% increase in clicks and a 20% better return on investment.
  • Saved 20 hours of programmer's work on feed adjustments per month.

Who is Alza

In many countries of the European Union, nearly every resident is familiar with the name “Alza”. Since its establishment in 1994 in the Czech Republic, Alza has become a significant e-commerce player in Central Europe. By the end of 2021, in addition to its e-shop, it also operated 53 stores and nearly 1,800 pickup boxes (so-called AlzaBoxes) in the Czech Republic, Slovakia, Hungary, and Austria. Alza is one of the largest advertisers and enjoys great popularity among its customers for its quality customer service and services. Alza works not only as an e-shop but also offers the possibility for partner stores to advertise their products. As a result, you can literally buy anything at Alza.


How to effectively manage numerous feeds for product comparison sites across different countries

If there's one thing Alza isn't short of, it's data. Just the product data alone consists of numerous original rows and columns. A listed phone will have different attributes than a dog bed. Besides product feeds, there is other data (such as product sales performance, stock availability, or margin groups) that could be used in performance marketing. However, this data was previously found on the website or in other sources.

With such an abundance of data, it's essential to work with it in bulk and efficiently. Combining data, making quick adjustments, or creating additional variables is absolutely crucial with such a volume of data. But all these modifications require a significant time investment from programmers.

Alza chose Dotidot for optimization and advanced feed management

The experienced PPC team, led by Dominik Stambera, ultimately chose the Dotidot platform. It offers robust PPC automation, feed management, exports to different platforms, data enhancement with Scraper, and many other useful tools. When experienced marketers have access to such a powerful platform, huge results begin to unfold.

1. Data optimization led to a 31% better matching of products in product comparison sites 

In Dotidot, you can optimize, transform, or enrich data with additional information. Alza uses all these possibilities to the fullest. It enriches product data with imported sales data, allowing it to exclude inefficient products and, conversely, strengthen profitable ones. Dotidot enables the linking of data sources in various formats. For example, Alza uses connected Google Sheets for quick corrections of product parameters, which, among other things, previously prevented successful matching in product comparison sites.

2. Creating a new export feed takes only a few minutes

Alza makes extensive use of the Feed Export function for channels such as product comparison sites, RTB platforms, or Marketplaces. Why go to developers when you can choose from one of 80+ templates or create any custom feed with just a few clicks?

“We use the feed export tool to advertise products on comparison sites not only in the Czech market but also abroad. It has everything we need to modify feeds with hundreds of thousands of products and makes our life simpler. The people at Dotidot are always open to our suggestions and are willing to help with any problem. That's why Dotidot's Feed exports are the cornerstone of our work with product feeds.”

Jan Michálek, PPC Specialist

3. Saved 20 hours of programmer's work per month

A marketer is one of the most frequent sources of work for the development team. 

Thanks to Dotidot, the precious time of programmers is saved. Marketing specialists can make many necessary data modifications themselves. They can add anything missing to the feed, modify data as needed, or combine data from several sources. And much faster.

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