How Dexfinity tackled expansion into other countries

September 19, 2023


730 %

increase of ROAS in Poland

400 %

increase of ROAS in Romania and Hungary


new markets covered quickly

Who is Dexfinity?

Dexfinity is a digital marketing agency that specializes in providing cutting-edge marketing solutions to businesses of all sizes. They offer a wide range of services including search engine optimization, PPC advertising, social media marketing, content marketing and web development. Their team of experts are passionate about helping their clients achieve their marketing goals by utilizing the latest industry trends and technologies.
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Using Dotidot since 2017


Thanks to Dotidot it was easy to mirror strategies from current markets to new ones

Expansion to Romania, Hungary and Poland was a huge success, driving even 700% ROAS in the end

Dexfinity's client is ready for the world

Dexfinity has been a successful digital agency and online export for over 20 years. Its biggest client, eyerim, an online store selling over 30,000 models of designer eyeglasses, had established itself in the Czech Republic and Slovakia and wanted to spread further.

Which markets to expand to?

Dexfinity was no stranger to finding prospective markets for its clients. It knew to make its decision based on:

  • the market size and growth rate
  • expected costs (the average CPC)
  • the competition's prices
  • market preferences

After doing some research, mainly in Google Keywords Planner, Dexfinity decided for the following markets:

  • Romania, with low competition and 2 or 3-day shipping
  • Hungary, where it could easily compete on price
  • Poland, for its large size

It ruled out markets like Spain, where the competition undercut its prices by 30%.

Furthermore, eyerim wanted to enter Scandinavian markets—Denmark, Finland, Norway, and Sweden, in particular—as those are a fashion mecca. These markets are harder to get into, but it was worth trying.

Average volume of brand keyword searches

In its research, eyerim found that Lindberg, a brand it wasn't carrying, was quite popular in Denmark. That inspired talks started to get the brand into its inventory.

Creating campaigns effectively

Setting up new campaigns from scratch would have been extremely time-consuming. Dexfinity already had long tails set up for Slovakia, so they wanted to start with those, especially as they were proven to work.

Fortunately, with the help of Dotidot's customer support, Dexfinity found it could duplicate its entire Slovak organization and then just translate and tweak its campaigns.

For projects like eyerim, Dotidot is excellent. I’d recommend Dotidot as a professional tool with excellent technical support. To me, that’s the biggest highlight.
Michal Vavro, Dexfinity’s PPC specialist

Writing long tails for foreign countries

Writing campaigns for foreign countries can be tricky. Dexfinity tackled the issue by starting from its Slovak campaigns and adjusting them based on:

  1. terms used in each country and
  2. keywords the competition was using.

Using Google Translate, Dexfinity was able to glue together ads that made sense.

Checking texts was harder. For Romanian and Hungarian, Dexfinity had native speakers in-house. Polish is similar to Czech, so Dexfinity had a sense of what it was doing.

Scandinavian countries were a tough nut, though. Dexfinity collaborated with a few agencies that eyerim worked with as well as a few freelancers. That said, when there wasn't an in-house speaker, things took much longer than they would otherwise.

Optimizing conversions

Clicking an ad is one thing, buying a product is another. Dexfinity knew that a 23% checkout completion rate was the mark of a strong market. After launching around March 2017, it kept an eye on this metric and, whenever it was underperforming, it delved into figuring out why.

In Sweden, it found that it was standard to try products out and then pay by invoice, comprising 30% of the market. In Romania, it found that people were used to putting in their region rather than a postal code.

checkout completion rate = turnover potential

With tweaks like these, Dexfinity was able to dramatically increase purchases.

Reaping the benefits

Based on data from March to November 2017, in Scandinavian countries, Dotidot campaigns were extremely effective, making money almost immediately. Other companies didn't seem to make much use of longtails.

Poland started off weaker in June, but gradually increased to a ROAS of 730%.

The expansion went smoothly in Romania and Hungary, with a steady ROAS well above 400%.

Looking into the future

Dexfinity gained valuable experience in bringing Dotidot campaigns to new countries, and it hopes to use this experience to help other clients expand as well.

As for eyerim, it hopes to make inroads in other foreign markets. With a tried-and-true process and simple campaign duplication in Dotidot, that shouldn't be a problem.

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